HFF5 - Awards

The Great World Theatre – Salzburg and its Festival

Directed by Beate Thalberg, Austria
The film The Great World Theater presents a rare harmony of theme, content, narration and form. With the extraordinary skill of all the authors of the film, the viewer travels through the history of the Salzburg Festival with the impression that we are all participants in the present and the past that permeate before our eyes. The film is equally informative and poetic and creates a harmony of the popular and the artistic.

I Want My Country Back

Directed by Marcel Mettelsiefen, Mayte Carrasco, Lucio Mollica, Germany
This film tells the story of Afghanistan from the perspective of women. This point of view turns a classic historical documentary into a deeply emotional story of suffering, courage and hope.


Directed by Sam Soko, Kenija
To tell the history of Kenya through a family drama of the photographer and candidate in the Kenyan elections is an extraordinary dramaturgical process. And it is just such approach that creates suspense in this film, just as if it were a thriller, and emotional scenes as if from the best of dramas.

Beate Thalberg

for film "The Great World Theatre – Salzburg and its Festival"
Using the fact that the film is about a theater and opera festival, the director uses extremely original and inventive procedures, which often do not belong to the form of a documentary, to create a harmonious whole and achieve a rarely seen type of storytelling.

Richard Poplak & Diana Neille

for film "Influence"
The authors of this script turn an extremely dramatic and extremely complex topic into a fluid story that the viewer follows in one breath.

Anna Hawliczek

for film "The Great World Theatre – Salzburg and its Festival"
The director of photography manages to achieve a rare harmony by combining authentic shots taken for the purposes of the film with archival materials, creating a fairy-tale image of Salzburg and its festival.

Sagi Bornstein

for film "Golda"
Through editing procedures in a non-linear narration, the editor manages to portray the unusual personality of Golda Meir in a classic biographical film.

Mirna Bićanić

for film "Demo"
The music, in every moment of this extraordinary film, in a very discreet way reads the emotions of the film's heroes and helps the viewer to immerse in the story.

Bob Moore & Neil Brandt

for film "Influence"
The ability of the producers to put the real actors of this extraordinary story in front of the camera and to record conversations with them in authentic locations, make this film a rarely successful historical documentary.

I Want My Country Back

directed by Marcel Mettelsiefen, Mayte Carrasco, Lucio Mollica, Germany
As the audience jury, we decided on the film '' I want my country back'' as the best documentary, because of its powerful message, and women who are a big inspiration for all of us. 
We also think that this documentary is important because of the recent events in Afghanistan, to raise awareness about what Afghanistan people have been thru, and are still going thru.
Voditelj programa i direktor BERNARDIN MODRIĆ
Photografije RINO GROPUZZO
Grafičko i web oblikovanje GRAFIK, Rijeka
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