The King of Ukraine

Tuesday, September 13 at 18:15
Art kino Croatia
Director: Gernot Stadler, Björn Kölz
Country of origin: Austria, 2018.
Runtime: 52'


The film tells the story of Wilhelm von Habsburg who wanted to become King of Ukraine and became an early fighter for the independence of Ukraine after World War 1. The life story of archduke Wilhelm, one of the most outstanding political figures of the XX century, is still a silenced part in the modern history of the Habsburg Empire, although his professional life and activities are also the history of Ukraine of the ХХ century in particular and the history of Europe in general. Above all, the film depicts Wilhelm von Habsburg as a dreamer and visionary as well as reveals how and why he formed his vision of the future Ukrainian nation. However, along with the story about the outstanding and multifaceted personality of Wilhelm von Habsburg and the way he influenced the history of Europe in the XX century, the film aims at bringing his historical figure back into the minds and consciousness of Ukrainians and Europeans.

Director Biography

Gernot Stadler has has studied communication science and history at the University of Vienna, Austria (Master´s degree) and film at the New York Film Academy (filmmaker´s diploma). He has been working in the film-and tv-industry for over twenty years as an independent producer, director, cameraman and editor. His credits include short films, documentaries, docu-dramas, tv-shows and commercials as well as about 2000 tv-segments for various tv-programs and shows. Mr. Stadler has produced, directed and edited more than 50 documentaries and docu-dramas for various renownend European tv-networks and channels such as 3sat (German/Austrian/Swiss culture and documentary network), arte (French/German network) or ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation). He has directed and produced recent produtions such as „Wilhelm von Habsburg – The King of Ukraine“ („Der König der Ukraine“), „The talking rocks of the Aboriginees“ („Die sprechenden Felsen der Aborigines“), „The cradle of Alpinism“ („Die Wiege des Alpinismus“), „Isonzo – the war in the mountains“ („Isonzo – Der Krieg in den Bergen“), or the multi part documentary „On the Rails of the Double Headed Eagle“ on the history of railroads in the Austrian-Hungarian empire, one of the most successful documentary series in the 30-year history of the European TV-network 3sat with over 15 million viewers. Björn Kölz, born in 1963 in Grabs/CH, is an Austrian citizen and works as a writer and director for TV stations in Austria. After working in the recording business and local radio stations, he joined Lisa-Film as Production Manager in the 1990s. Since 2008 Björn Kölz has been an independent author and director after years as a sound engineer and contributions to Austrian TV magazines. In addition to several cultural productions for the Austrian National Broadcaster ORF and TV- documentaries for Servus TV, he realized a variety of documentaries for ORF/3sat with the well-known producer and director Gernot Stadler since 2013. The focus of the topics lies on cultural-historical travel stories, including the five-part TV documentary "On the rails of the double-headed eagle," which is one of the most successful TV productions in German-speaking television in recent years.
Program manager and director TIHA MODRIĆ
Graphic & web design GRAFIK, Rijeka
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