Generalissimo Franco’s Life in Color

Wednesday, 09.09.2020. at 19:35
Redatelj: Luis Carrizo
Producent: Francesc Escribano, Jordi Marques, David Felani
Zemlja proizvodnje: Spain, 2019.
Trajanje: 84'
Croatian premiere


Francisco Franco is the most transcendental political figure in 20th century Spain to the point that his influence is still felt today. Thanks to the films preserved in the Filmoteca Española collections, this feature-length documentary portrays an intense, meticulous biographical portrait of the dictator, from his beginnings as a simple conservative military officer through his ascension as the maximum leader of the coup d’état that won the Civil War and held absolute power for almost 40 years. This story is presented for the very first time by way of colour images, treated with state of the art digital techniques in order to bring new life to the pictures and surprise viewers with a new viewing experience. Franco annihilated his adversaries, controlled his followers and managed to keep his regime intact despite changes in the global arena. “Generalissimo, Franco’s Life in Colour” is the definitive audiovisual portrait of a figure that is essential in order to understand Spain’s past and present.

Biografija redatelja

LUIS CARRIZO (Vilanova i la Geltrú, 1974) holds an undergraduate degree in Communications from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In 2000, he began working in television as an assistant director for TVE. Since then, he has written scripts, short stories and collaborates with a variety of cultural outlets and tendencies. In 2005, he founded the communications company CALIDOSCOPE, which he directed for four years. In 2009, he returned to television as a director and scriptwriter. Among the numerous productions he worked on, it’s worth mentioning the documentaries he directed and “Olga, 10 Years Later” (Televisió de Catalunya), “Digital Global Radio” (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) and “Patrias(s)”(Homelands) (ETB-BTV), the educational programme “Tengo una pregunta para mí” (I have a question for myself)(La 2 / TVE), the interview programme focused on intellectuals and artists “Pienso, Luego existo” (I Think, Therefore I am)(La 2 / TVE) and the documentary series, “The World’s Best Chefs” (FOX International). In 2016, together with Francesc Escribano, he co-directed the series, “Spain divided; The Civil War in Colour” and the feature-length documentary, “Spain in Two Trenches; The Civil War in Colour” the first film that used the technique of colourizing film in black and white in Spain. In 2019, he directed the documentary feature film “1939-1975; Franco's Spain in Colour” and the four-part documentary series entitled “Spain after the War; The Franco Dictatorship in Colour”. He has also written and directed the theatre production, “3.2.1” and has taught seminars on film history, television reportage and documentary production.
Voditelj programa i direktor BERNARDIN MODRIĆ
Photografije RINO GROPUZZO
Grafičko i web oblikovanje GRAFIK, Rijeka
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