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It is said that the second edition of each festival is the real test for verifying its value and its expected longevity.  HISTORY FILM FESTIVAL is just about to take this exam.  Our small team strived to do its best to successfully pass the test.  What certainly did help us was the fact that this year we received 142 films from 36 countries, from which we selected 40 for the festival competition.  We are convinced that once again we have a brilliant programme which you will be able to verify during the next couple of days.

Once again we will be screening documentaries which uncover little-known details about great persons or, otherwise, those that introduce us to the destinies of small and unknown people caught in the whirlwinds of history.  Authors adopted diverse and often daring approaches to their chosen subjects and interpretations of past events.

During the last year’s festival we took note of its participants’ – authors’, producers’ and jury members’ – thoughts and introduced certain novelties in the organization of HFF with a view to realizing these.  As a result, this year we shall make it possible for authors to directly contact and talk to their films’ audience, to hear their reflections but also to elucidate certain details of their works.

We took steps aimed at familiarizing our public with the festival and its programme, but also at dismantling numerous prejudices that exist concerning this important and particularly interesting sub-genre of documentary film.

At the end of the festival we shall see how successful we were in achieving these objectives however we certainly shall not relinquish our intent to establish the HISTORY FILM FESTIVAL as a prominent stage for presenting historical documentary film and a meeting place for authors, producers and their audience.

I wish to welcome the authors, hopeful that they will enjoy the festival and its programme.

I wish to thank the spectators for visiting the festival and for having confidence in our project, while I rest assured that each one of you will discover numerous worthy artistic and historical contents.

Director and Selector, HFF