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History Film Festival is currently the only international film festival in the world focused exclusively on historical documentary films created by independent and TV production companies. After having studies for several years concepts and programming orientations of numerous film festivals around the world we realized that a specialized documentary film festival combining two major subjects – history and film – did not exist.

History Film Festival provides a stage for a wide variety of historical issues interpreted by the film authors in the most diverse ways. At the same time, the international character of History Film Festival offers a transcultural dialogue on certain historical subjects which shaped different and often opposite national, social, racial and political interpretations.

The primary goal of History Film Festival is to showcase high-quality historical documentary films, and through its programme orientation, to actively participate in achieving the European Union’s strategy of preserving cultural heritage and identity through memories and contemporary interpretations of history.

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Our second most important goal is to establish History Film Festival as a place where filmmakers from all over the world would meet and exchange ideas and experiences.

Films which meet the rules and are accepted into official selection are evaluated by an international Jury, made of eminent film authors, critics and historians.

There are ten awards at History Film Festival: Grand Prix given to the best film in the competition, Best Independent Documentary, Best TV Documentary, and awards for best directing, screenwriting, cinematography, musical score, editing and production. In addition, the audience selects its favourite through the ballot.

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The Crew

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About films (2018)

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Festival Rules

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