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Masterclass (Bauhaus) eng


In the master class titled ‘’From Content to Form’’ award-winning German director Katrin Rothe explains the famous Bauhaus tenet ‘’Form Follows Fuction’’ as a tool of creating new non-fictional means of expression in her films. Before becoming a filmmaker, Katrin studied Arts at various art schools. Her special interest in Bauhaus, colours and animation led her to create a documentary about Johannes Itten and the early years of Bauhaus live on stage during the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus in Berlin and Weimar. By sharing the clips from her films, Katrin discusses design, recognizability, function, form and content of historical characters and non-traditional women in modern documentary filmmaking.


A hundred years ago, a radical artistic utopia was born in the city of Weimar: Bauhaus. Its effects still shape our world today. Against the background of the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, the documentary BAUHAUS SPIRIT not only tells art history, but also contemporary history. From the very beginning, Bauhaus architects and artists, including Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, asked: How should we live together? What does “living together” mean? How can rooms be designed in such a way that all people can be part of a community? Bauhaus made art, design and architecture political. The documentary film BAUHAUS SPIRIT goes back to the beginnings of the first Bauhaus group around Walter Gropius, whose educational concept of celebrations and research was revolutionary. Operating under the assumption of Bauhaus as a social utopia, Niels Bobrinker and Thomas Tielsch ask about its evolution, changes and ability to inspire over the last hundred years.

BAUHAUS SPIRIT leads us from the legendary Bauhaus building in Dessau to visionary projects in Latin American favelas, from the courses of the Bauhaus masters Kandinsky, Klee and Schlemmer to Scandinavian schools without classrooms, from Berlin’s Gropius City to the vision of a car-free metropolis.

BAUHAUS SPIRIT is an eye-opener. It is much more than the history of erecting structures. It creates a record of cultural history of modern spatial thinking that is as captivating as it is enlightening. BAUHAUS SPIRIT turns us into amazed and enthusiastic wanderers amidst modern spaces who will from then on see every design from a completely new perspective.